Do you have a content policy for participating in the virtual conference event chat?

We do. Our top priority is that we're extremely committed to making sure all our events are a safe space for everyone participating. That includes your fellow attendees as well as speakers, session leaders, and everyone involved. Spam or offensive comments of course will be immediately removed and banned. 

But beyond that, please remember that these are really sensitive topics we're discussing today. Tone and context can be really hard to convey with the written word. Please remember that everyone here has joined with the goal of having an inspiring and positive experience. 

This isn't Twitter, or a political discussion group, you're surrounded by your peers and they're acting in good faith by participating with you today. The style of accusatory, "assuming the worst in others" type of argument that is common on internet forums and social media simply isn't appropriate here. Don't do that. If you're not sure if your comment is a good match for a thoughtful and empathetic discussion please save it for another forum. 

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