What is your policy for Covid safety at live conferences?

Vaccinations and Testing

For our live events in 2022, From Day One will require all attendees to be fully vaccinated, as defined by state authorities at the time, or take a rapid covid test upon arrival. We ask attendees to show proof of vaccination upon entry; those who do not have their proof of vaccination immediately available will have the option of taking a rapid test, administered by registered nurses through our local testing partner, and joining the event once proof of the negative results are available.

In addition, our on-site rapid antigen testing is available to all guests who want it, even those who are vaccinated, as a courtesy and additional safety measure.

Optional Masks

We will continue to refine our policy on wearing masks during live events. Going forward, we are making mask usage optional at our conferences. 

Additional On-site Safety Measures

On-site options will be available for attendees who would prefer additional social distancing. Examples include the option of distanced, single-person tables in a separate area during the food and beverage service, and a live broadcast of main-stage content to an alternate location within the building with distanced seating.

Attendees who wish to signal to others that they are not comfortable being approached will have the option of choosing a brightly colored lanyard.

Further Info

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